Monday, March 6, 2017

UFF Mom Gets Things Done

I know that no weekend would be complete without a thrilling summary of someone else's chore list. However, it may make you feel better about your own…or not?

I love making lists and crossing things off them.

Here is my BEFORE Sunday list, compiled during a gory segment of The Knick:

Here is what UFF Cat thinks of my list (polite disdain):

And HERE is the final list at the end of the day Sunday!

The green checks are where UFF Dad commandeered my chore list while I was off crossing "YOGA" off my list, and came home to find that he had mopped the downstairs and cleaned the bathrooms. The man deserves at least 100 gold stars (he likes gold stars).

I made some delicious chicken soup with rice (cue Carole King in Really Rosie):

I did a pinch-hit grocery shop at our small neighborhood natural food market, and was pleasantly surprised at their all-organic prices:

$36.00 worth of groceries
I finished the day with a run in the hills at dusk with UFF Dog collecting snow on his back. Snow!

Sunday was a busy day, with getting things done and awarding gold stars to UFF Dad.

What did you do?

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