Friday, March 3, 2017

UFF Bits & Pieces

Inspired by the incomparable Non-Consumer Advocate's Five Frugal Things series….

This week I:
  • Ran out of deodorant/antiperspirant, but instead of buying more, borrowed my son's Old Spice Sport. It was a little unsettling to smell like men's aftershave at work, but hey! It reminded me of my boys, which is always welcome. 
  • Hosted an inaugural Book Group at my home. One condition for the books we choose will be that they are either available at the library, or in cheap paperbacks. This one was a Book Group in a Box (10 copies, 6 week checkout) at my downtown public library. Next month's book, Into the Beautiful North, is also available from the library. 
  • Served tasty yet frugal snacks at the Book Group: homemade crackers and pesto, cookies, popcorn, olives, peppermint tea, and boxed wine. No one complained.
  • Washed my hair only once. Really. It seems to need it less as I get older, and I just wore a hair clip on Day 6.
  • Made curried red lentils and brown jasmine rice, which UFF Dad and I ate for both lunch and dinner.
  • Didn't wear mascara. This saves both makeup and removal wipe costs. 
What about you?


  1. My wife has been using lemons for deodorant for the past couple of years. She says they work amazing and I have to say she smells good :)

  2. Hi Mustard Seed Money, thanks for reading and commenting.
    Lemons! How interesting! Can you describe a little more? I'm imagining she might use the whole unpeeled lemon on her skin, which sounds like it would smell wonderful, like lemon zest. I would never have thought of that!