Sunday, March 5, 2017

UFF Weekend Fun

Frugal Weekend Fun! I know, the weekend isn't over yet, but today is Get Things Done Day (which is why I'm sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee?!)

Yesterday was Frugal Weekend Fun day.

And I realized that the activities I indulged in were pretty much exactly the same activities I listed last week. An exciting life--nope. Enjoyable--yes.

1) I stayed in bed until NOON, while UFF Dad read an Agatha Christie novel out loud, and I frogged (unraveled) an unsatisfactory sweater that I plan to knit into a wrap for my upcoming travels.

2) UFF Dog and I ran in the hills. This time we didn't go to the forest, we stayed on the sidewalks, in order to minimize mud and wear down his toenails, which are overlong.

3) We baked. A delicious chocolate chip banana bread with chocolate icing. Good thing I had hidden the chocolate chips from the Chocolate Chip Monster (UFF Dad) so they were still around!

3) I thought about cleaning, and then thought better of it. This Roz Chast cartoon on our fridge says it all.

4) I cooked--boiled a roast chicken UFF Gram brought over for a few hours to make soup.

5) We watched the first two episodes of The Knick, while I began knitting the wrap for Vietnam. I'm not sure what I think of it yet. The tagline is "Modern Medicine Had to Start Somewhere".  It came highly recommended by a colleague.

6) I read a few short stories in The Refugees, by Viet Thanh Nguyen. Beautiful and haunting.

7) Went to bed by 9:30. It doesn't happen often (especially because I usually get a second wind in the evening), but I love getting to bed early.

And now…let the Day of Getting Things Done commence!

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