Friday, February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017

Whew! Welcome to the weekend!

I'm really looking forward to some relaxing uber-frugal fun this weekend, including some cooking and baking. I've been inspired and ever so slightly disheartened by all the delicious and impressive recipes posted on the Frugal Girl and Mrs. Picky Pincher's websites, by the authors and their readers. In my defense, I have a mildly challenging group to cook for: UFF Dad and UFF Boy are both vegetarians, neither like a whole lot of vegetables, and UFF Boy is among the pickiest eaters I have ever met. I think hope he is beginning to grow out of it a tiny bit. Dinners have become less about concocting tasty recipes and more about assembling a balanced plate and trying to reach the minimum servings of fruits and vegetables for those two.

UFF Dad graciously went to Winco today and did a stock-up shopping, to the painful tune of $169.66. He did get a lot of food (using my list!) plus an extra bag of dog food and ibuprofen for our emergency supplies, but…ouch.

Although I am very grateful not to use my precious weekend time at Winco, I think I would like a little more executive control over the grocery shopping process. It makes a difference when one (ahem) is used to checking the by-unit price, comparing brands and choosing a less expensive equivalent. We may start going together in the future….

If you live in a household with other people, who does the grocery shopping, and why?

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