Monday, February 20, 2017

Frugal Weekend Fun Part II

Oh, it is hard to go back to work after a three-day weekend. I want more time

Here are some other frugal activities from the UFF household:

  • Baking. Saturday evening I made chocolate chip cookies: UFF Dad and I had a few each and they had disappeared by morning. Sunday I made whole-wheat chocolate-chip walnut muffins--woke up Monday to find them gone

UFF Dad made some pizza dough rolls. Anyone else trying to keep a teenage boy fed?

  • Running. I went both Sunday and Monday. I live two miles from a trailhead to our urban greenbelt, and it is spectacular to be able to head to the forest on foot. I took UFF Dog up there Sunday, which led to him becoming a mud ball and requiring a bath on return. Monday we stayed on a flat bark trail to avoid having to repeat the bath process. 13 miles total. 
gear--hydration pack and gels for long runs
  • Reading. I read several chapters of JL Collin's book The Simple Path to Wealth. I feel so far from needing the instructions in the second half of the book, when he talks about what to do once you are financially independent, that it's a little discouraging. I'm still in the early stages, trying to live as simply as possible and invest as much as possible. I'll need to come back to this book in a few years when I'm closer to the goal of saving and investing yearly living expenses x 25, and it doesn't seem so distant. It's full of good advice.

  • Cleaning. Actually, after an argument a mild disagreement about who does more around the house, UFF Dad felt compelled to showcase his impressive housekeeping skills. I am very grateful for a clean downstairs and kitchen floor. It was covered with UFF Dog's mud prints prior. 
Dog prints before washing floor
  • Eating together. We had several nice salads this weekend:

  • Reading and knitting. We finished the Agatha Christie murder mystery And Then There Were None. It was highly suspenseful. Another chapter! More! I made lots of sock progress as UFF Dad read out loud. 

It was a good, full, three days, and the only money spent was at the grocery store (Winco).

Weekend spending total: $137.00

Did you have a long weekend?

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