Thursday, February 16, 2017

Five things I DID buy this week

Here we go! A pendulum swing after last Thursday's things I didn't spend money on.

This was a different week.

Here are five things I purchased:

1) Dinner out with my good friend. It was an indulgence, but extremely fun. This is a friend that I don't get to see very often, sadly, and we lingered for a long time on Saturday evening, enjoying ourselves over good food and drinks. Part of the reason for frugality is to be able to prioritize experiences and relationships. I hope to take her out again soon.

2) Yoga classes. Oh how I have missed my lovely by-donation Vinyasa yoga studio. (I previously had a Groupon pass that worked out to about $1.50 per class). I went twice with a friend this week and remembered how good yoga makes me feel. It is already a low-cost studio (no receptionist, etc.), so no chance of volunteering for free classes, but I want to support them and the classes certainly support me. Maybe after I've been doing yoga more regularly for a while I'll be able to practice on my own.

3) Cheddar cheese sesame snacks for UFF Boy. He is always starving late at night these days. Although I want to encourage healthier (and more frugal) snacking, I also wanted to get him a little treat. Sesame seeds have healthy fats, right?

4) A fancy coffee drink. Sometimes I think that living frugally makes me a bit like someone emerging from a time warp. When I was an undergraduate in college (I won't tell you how long ago), I could, and often did, buy a 16 oz black coffee for $1.00. A large coffee--good coffee--for a buck. This was before Starbucks. I feel so antiquated now, shaking my head and muttering "$5 for a mocha? Are you kidding me?"

5) Over-the-counter cold medications for UFF Son. Yes, he is a (young) adult and could buy his own. But sometimes, it is nice to help out our adult kids a little bit. UFF Grammy has certainly done this for me and I want to be able to pass this on too. Learning to manage money and expenses is a process.

How about you? What did you spend money on this week? 

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