Sunday, February 26, 2017

UFF Weekend Frugal Fun

Hello--I hope you had a good weekend!

Here is some of my weekend frugal fun….

UFF Dad had quite a bit of work to do this weekend (one of the perils of being self-employed and working from home), but we managed a few solid hours of reading/knitting time together. We finished another Agatha Christie novel (our fourth?), which was very suspenseful, with double and triple twists at the end. I managed not to read ahead this time. I finished this little sweater vest and hat for a friend's friend's new baby:

gorgeous forest colors

malabrigo superwash merino wool--a dream

Also, UFF Dog and I made it to the forest for a run two runs (15 miles total):

trailhead-into the forest

on the trail-in the forest

I baked a vanilla chocolate-chip cake with chocolate frosting:

UFF Boy ate half in one evening

And visited good friends for a glass of wine and some adorable puppy time:

Puppy M--a force of nature...

The puppy even fell asleep on me:

…until she crashes. 

It's very difficult to worry too much about the state of the world when you have a soft little puppy asleep on your lap.

What did you do this weekend? Please share three things!

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