Wednesday, February 8, 2017

UFF Experiment: Eating Free Food

Yum--cookies! These ones are "healthy" and homemade

I'm going to follow Mrs. Frugalwoods' lead and embrace my inner Frugal Weirdo. Which meant, this week, experimenting with substituting meals by eating free food. I know this is not a radical idea--I've read about Frugalites who make a habit of lunching on Costco samples, for example--but it's new for me. Usually, things I eat away from home are snacks that are in addition to rather than instead of meals.

However, there has been a a lot of food around work lately. Rather than eat the boring lunch I brought  to work Monday, I left it in the fridge for Tuesday and opted for some party leftovers (chips and hummus, mandarin oranges). My work group was given an award and a little party Monday afternoon, which included  a huge box of cookies: molasses, chocolate chip, chocolate marshmallow, white chocolate…I ate three. These were not small cookies. More like monster cookies. I was not in the mood for dinner.

Not recommended to do this every night, but I made dinner for UFF Dad and UFF Boy (vegetarian chicken burgers with cheese, salads, raw carrots, bananas) and just had a carrot myself (to balance out the cookies). Frugal eating by eating out for free!

Spending today: $0

Anyone else who dines out on free food? When, where, and what?

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