Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekly Do the Numbers

Here are our weekly spending totals from Friday 2/10/17 to Friday 2/17/17. *

Groceries: $37.96 (we are due for a big, big, BIG grocery shopping this weekend)

Medical expenses: $13.66

Eating out/gifts: $95.50

Yoga classes: $20 (for three sessions)

Miscellaneous: $27.56 (bota box of red wine, chocolates, and pretzels for a gathering)

Grand total: $194.68

* These spending numbers are for categories that I cover from our family budget: groceries, household expenses, gifts, bicycle transportation, medical expenses, college expenses for UFF Son, and miscellaneous. While we also have and pay utility bills, gas and car expenses for our one car, life insurance, and mortgage payments, I am not including those here. 

Tell me about your weekly numbers!

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