Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Roundup

UFF Dog on his bed

Today I heard "Mama! We are really out of food! I had to eat PBJs for a snack!" 

Clearly this will not do. Shopping is planned.
Plus a weekend visit from a dear friend, and hiking.

Here's a weekly roundup of some frugal routines I'm working on….

  • Commuting to work: times I did NOT ask UFF Dad for a ride for my one-way commutes: 8/10! Walked and biked this week
  • Nights I walked around the house and turned off all the power strips and electronics I could find before bed: 5/7
  • Days I took lunch to work instead of buying it: 4/5
  • Days I ate free food for lunch at work: 1/5
  • Times I had oatmeal and frozen berries for breakfast: 5/7 (weekends are different)
  • Times I did a full morning dental-care routine: 4/7. I will do better next week
  • Number of baked goods made for UFF snacks: three (oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip almond cake, and cornbread) 
What frugal routines are you working on?


  1. Do you know what a Bullet Journal is? I made one from supplies I had around the house. It keeps me very organized. But one cool thing is making a page into a habit tracker. I have used a bullet journal(bujo)for most of a year and it really has made me more efficient. Who knew! Also I think there was even an article about it in the paper today.

  2. Hi Sarah! No, I have heard the term but didn't know what it was....I will search! Thank you for the idea. I love the idea of a habit tracker page, especially if it involves checking boxes.