Friday, February 17, 2017

UFF Weekly Roundup

Frugal habits and new ventures this week

Fixed with superglue


  • Went walking on work breaks instead of going to the yarn thrift store: daily. 
  • Morning tooth care: maybe twice? Must get up earlier, or not read the news before work (there are other benefits to not reading the news first thing too, such as a less stressed out day).
  • Oatmeal for breakfast: 7/7 days. So delicious (with cinnamon and blueberries) and so frugal.
  • Tea instead of coffee in the morning: 0 times. It's just not the same.
  • Set up a new checking account with Chase Bank in order to get a $300 incentive. I will have to keep it for 6 months, and had to transfer direct deposit of paychecks from my credit union. This meant spending my entire lunch hour at the bank one day, but it was a well-paid hour. 
  • Signed up for Swagbucks. Sadly, my computer is not up-to-date enough to watch the videos, etc.  that earn big points. I did a few surveys, got a little lost and annoyed, and gave up. Any suggestions? 
  • Plan to try a free yoga class at a new studio tomorrow, led by yoga-teachers-in-training. This could be a great way to get my yoga fix on the weekend. 
  • Fixed my work sandals with superglue. The soles were peeling away from the toes and I kept tripping. It worked. 

This is a three-day weekend for me, and I am so looking forward to a catch-up weekend. My plans include taking care of some unpleasant but loudly nagging tasks (like laundry, and cleaning the pile of papers and receipts that is my desk), taking some things to donate at St. Vincent de Paul (local thrift shop), and working on the taxes. Oh yes, and it's time to do the CSS Profile, a financial aid application akin to the FAFSA but used by private colleges and universities and much, much more detailed.

IN between all that, I plan to fit in some frugal fun: a forest run, a free yoga class, Grantchester Season Two, and of course, knitting! And maybe trying my hand at making the Frugal Girl's English muffin recipe.

Crazy Socks are getting longer!

How about you? What are your plans for frugal weekend fun?

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