Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Do the Numbers

Monthly round-up time.

I've been hit hard by whatever viral nastiness UFF Dad had last week, so I was weak today.

He picked me up early from work and on the way home, we stopped at our corner convenience store and bought a gallon of hazelnut fudge ice cream (UFF Boy's request) to help with all the sore throats in the family. $5.49, ouch.

Also, I regret any comments I might have made about UFF Dad being a little melodramatic with all his moaning and carrying on. It feels really good to moan and complain when you are sick.

This month's round-up focuses on the expenses that I pay directly: groceries, household, gifts, etc. I want to tackle the gas and utility bills, but that will be another month.

My basic goal is to save AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE each month for two things: our family contribution to UFF Son's college tuition and living expenses (we won't know how much this is until July, causing some stress) and then our IRA accounts for 2018 (I like to contribute on New Year's Day). If both of those categories are fully funded, I will be pleased! (If there is any more left over to pay down the mortgage, I will be even more pleased, but it's not likely)

Today's spending: $5.49 (ice cream)

Monthly spending:
  • Groceries and household (including dog food): $297.17 This is impressive, considering I had both UFF Son and UFF Boy eating at home for two weeks! We did quite a bit of freezer and pantry eating (they are both now bare). I also made a huge pot of lentils, rice, veggies and siracha that provided weekday lunches for almost 2 weeks for UFF Dad and I, and we had oatmeal EVERY day for breakfast.
  • Gifts: $75.50  I budget $200 a month for gifts into a separate category, though it is not all always used and sometimes rolls into IRA contributions. This is mainly for four family members,  plus other friends and family.
  • Alcohol: $17 One bottle of wine to take to a friend's and one box of white wine that UFF Dad purchased. Doesn't include the wine and whiskey we had on hand...
  • Eating out/socializing: $20.49 Beer and fries out with friends,  and a baby shower lunch
  • Medicine: $42.30 Will be reimbursed by this year's pre-tax Flex Spending Account
  • Other medical expenses: $175.00 Expenses incurred last year after FSA already used up
So…not bad! Could be better. Is it sustainable? Can it be improved upon? Time will tell!

How was your Uber Frugal January Challenge month? Please share!

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