Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017

Hello! Day 12 of the Uber Frugal Month over here. Almost halfway through the month, and doing pretty well. We're still eating well, relatively warm, clothed, entertained (thank you, library!) getting where we need to go, and enjoying each other's company. No deprivation yet. Though we did run out of cheddar cheese today. For better or for worse (cholesterol), cheddar is a major food group for my boys. Getting more will be priority #1 tomorrow.

My older son is heading back to college on Saturday, which saddens me. It's very nice having him around. Each time he comes home, I'm aware that there may be a time (there *will* be a time) when coming home becomes visiting his folks, because his home is elsewhere. I'm going to miss him a lot. Our food budget will drop dramatically, however (actually just transfer, because this year I 'm sending him $200 per month in grocery money when he's away).

The thermostat is now at 64 degrees. We have a tall, narrow, 1000 square foot home, and the thermostat is monitoring the temperature on the first floor, then heating through gas-fired radiant floor heat using an on-demand hot-water heater. It's efficient, but the heat really doesn't rise above the first floor. The third-floor attic bedroom is pretty darn cold. Last night I went to bed in a wool cap, wool socks, and wool fingerless mitts (all knitted by me)--plus pajamas. Not kidding! It was cold. I fell asleep thinking about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her book The Long Winter, about a 5-month North Dakota winter in which the entire town almost ran out of food and fuel, and feeling ever so slightly wimpish.

Money spent: $175 (for past medical co-pays). Grateful for employer-paid health insurance.

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