Friday, January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017

TGIF! Friday used to be "Pizza Night" for our family--for years actually, when both boys were at home. It's not a regular occurrence anymore--and isn't planned for tonight. But I may make it for my older son's farewell "Lunner" tomorrow before he heads back to college.

UFF Dad bought cheddar cheese today, so enchilada casserole is on the menu. I noticed that a sizable chunk of it is already gone. Those big kids sure do eat a lot!

Somebody turned the thermostat back up to 68 last night--and I know it wasn't UFF Dad, since he went to bed early with a cold. I took that as a sign that I'd gone as low as I could go. Turned it back to 66…we'll see if it holds!

Money spent today: $6.99 for cheddar cheese.

UFF Dad also just came home with "treats" for everyone--graham crackers, ground beef for me, UFF Mom (the lone omnivore in a family of vegetarians)--and something rattley that sounds like bulk M & Ms. When I asked him for the receipt, he said "Nope--it's my non-frugal gift!"

What do you think? Should I include it in the daily spending?

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