Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 19, 2017

UFF Dad bought a 1-month subscription to the NYTimes Online for 99 cents today, and set it up on both our computers, so we can keep informed of current events…

I have a minor dilemma. Several coworkers, and my boss, are going out to our local LGBTQ pub after work to show their support during this time of political change and enjoy $2 happy-hour drinks. It's "only $2", but every $2 counts! (If you're signed up for Mrs. Frugalwood's Uber Frugal January Challenge, you will know that the topic of today's email was the slippery slope of "It's only $5"). On the other hand, I want to participate in this social bonding occasion with my work team.

Do I:

1) Decline the invitation
2) Attend, but drink only water and not order a drink
3) Attend and spend the $2 (a little more with tip), since the motives (bonding with coworkers, hanging out with friends, supporting a local business) are worthy and support my non FI goals.

What do you think?? If anyone is reading this, I would appreciate your point of view!

Money spent today: 99 cents for 4 weeks of online NYTimes access

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