Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 17, 2017

17/17! Kind of a fun date--an easy one to remember, anyway.

I was sincerely hoping that today would be another no-spend day--and it could have been. However, I'm drawing my own line when we have two inches of milk, no cheddar cheese, one green pepper (and no fruit) to feed UFF Son. Not sure how much the tally will be, but probably around $20 at our spendier, closer grocery store (darn it).

Baking cinnamon muffins for snacking. Very little is easier than muffins. Three minutes of mixing, and I throw them in the oven. I use whole wheat pastry flour, and add powdered milk for extra calcium.

Today is a tired kind of day. I skipped yoga to come home early and enjoy the quiet house while UFF Dad is at a meeting. We have already started our next Agatha Christie novel, and I'm looking forward to reading tonight when he gets home.

Predicted tally today: $20

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