Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 29, 2017

Happy Birthday to UFF Dad!

The plans for today were minimized by UFF Boy and myself both coming down with whatever upper respiratory bug UFF Dad has been miserable with for the past week.

However, there was chocolate CAKE…

There were two pairs of handknit birthday SOCKS (because he is spoiled that way)….

There was a trip to a local patisserie for chocolate eclairs (making CAKE happen twice)….

And there was cuddling, reading, and a movie on the couch.

And work. Because when asked about 5 possible activities for a birthday day of adventures, UFF Dad replied that he wanted to work, work, work, and work. Check, check, and check.

Money spent today: $11.89

$7.00 for eclairs plus $4.89 for bananas, sparkling water, and orange-pineapple juice.

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