Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 4 2017

Big day--it snowed again! This time a lot (for us--meaning a couple of inches). Dug out the XC skis a neighbor passed on  a few years back and skied the 2.5 miles to work.

Veggies/bean soup and mandarins for lunch again--still tasty.

Used  "Secret Snowflake" gift card from an office event and walked to a local yarn shop at lunch. The card was $10 and there wasn't much at that price. I did NOT take my wallet so that I wouldn't be tempted to spend more. Found some navy blue super wash wool yarn on sale, for knitting gloves (it's cold). It was $8, so they gave me $2 in cash.

This evening, received the warning alarm from college-aged son (home for winter break) that "There's nothing to eat in the house". Received similar alarm from younger son, who has different food criteria.

Abundance threatened. Do not want to enter deprivation mode.

(By the way, there was still *plenty* of actual food in the house--I will never allow UberFrugalFamily to go hungry.)

Discussed Uber Frugal January Challenge with kids and asked  how they felt about trying to get creative with remaining food until Friday. To my surprise, they were on board. Raided canned emergency food supply for refried beans to make bean and cheese quesadillas for dinner.

Made whole wheat blueberry muffins and cornbread from dry goods pantry to appease them.

Money spent: $0

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