Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 2 2017

A Monday, but a day off for me as I'm a government employee/public servant.

Stayed home and had the visit of a friend and both our kids around.

For the friend, brought out lingering holiday treats and opened a bottle of wine that a different friend had left at our house a few weeks back.

Made a big pasta dinner for the kids. Watched a movie. Went for a run. Did some New Year's cleaning and organizing--including organizing the fridge and freezer. Some yucky things were disposed of, some older but still fine things were remembered and brought to the front for prompt consumption, and a general survey of available food in the house was conducted.

I was thinking Hmmm….can I make it until Friday without grocery shopping with creative meals?

Made a giant pot of soup with freezer vegetables from last summer, rice, and beans.

Money spent $4, for a 2017 paper organizer/planner our friend had picked up for me at a clearance sale. I didn't *need it*….however. I hope it will help me keep track of many things over this year. And, before deciding to take this challenge, I asked my friend to get it when she got her own.

Money spent: $4

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