Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9 2017

Today I want to talk about home heating. Our house is small, and I really dislike being cold, so I had used the ice storm as an excuse to nudge the thermostat up until it was a toasty 75 degrees…in case we lost power. Well, we didn't, and I have absolutely no justification whatsoever to keep the thermostat at that level. At all. So last night I set it back to a reasonable (but not yet frugal) 68 degrees and put 5 comforters on the bed in our unheated parental attic bedroom.

My goal is to nudge it down, one degree per day, until I go as low as we can stand it. My teenage younger son spends most of his time in his own room, which has a Cadet wall heater, so he will remain comfortable (though capped at 68).

How did I get so far away from my frugal (and environmental) values? Comfort, concern over loss of comfort, and….it's not "my" bill.

What does that mean? UFF Dad and I each have our bills that we pay. Mine include groceries, household expenses, college tuition, and anything health related. (Plus saving). His include the mortgage, gas and car expenses, and utilities.

Back when I paid all the bills, I scrutinized them monthly. I caught many an overcharge on the phone bill, and was always inspired to try to cut our water usage by a kilogallon or drop a few daily watts of electricity use down from the prior month. Since we split the bills off in this way, I had become complacent. UFF Dad pays that one. Enough! Our finances are a shared project for a shared future.

Thermostat tonight: 67 degrees.

Frugal bonus points: Called the local YMCA and asked if they would credit back two weeks from the January membership I purchased my college-aged son, since he has to go back to school on the 15th. They graciously agreed and credited $18.

Money spent: $15.45 (prescription medication)

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