Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 5 2017

Today we began to receive some dire weather warnings about a coming ice storm, freezing rain, and possible power outages. Having just gone through this and with already icy streets, I did not want to be without sufficient food in the house that appealed to everyone (maintaining  abundance, not deprivation). Asked UFFDad to please go to the store while I was at work.

I hoped he would make the trek to our discount grocery store, but he exercised caution and went to the upscale store closer to home to stock up. Probably spent an extra $25 or so on exactly the same items, but it made absolute sense in the context of road conditions. I gave him a list of essentials and regular items, and he stuck to it (with the exception of seltzer water for making Italian sodas).

I asked him to buy good coffee (usually my mother picks this up for me at Costco, but we were out). Nobody wants to be stuck at home with UFFMom who has not had her coffee. That would go beyond the realm of deprivation and into the depths of frightening.

I did not ask UFFDad to buy red wine, another item I enjoy. I chose this in the spirit of creativity. After a few weeks of holiday overindulgence,  it's a good challenge to do without a nightly nightcap. I'll buy a bottle later in the month if hosting friends, but I can choose to live without and  be a little healthier.

I put away the new groceries when I got home and used older things to make a good dinner: sautéed tired broccoli with garlic, and brown rice with freezer pesto.

Money spent: $123.41

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