Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

Today I had a visit from a friend thinking about moving to my city. We spent a few hours driving around in her car, looking at different areas and talking about what makes a good neighborhood. I must say that I am exceptionally lucky in my current spot. It's central enough that it's possible to easily get around by bike, and there's a small commercial node just a few blocks away and a larger one about a mile away. It's also possible to get to urban hiking trails on foot within a half hour walk, and be fully in the forest on the edge of town. I like that it's a mixture of housing types and prices, retirees and families with young kids and working people. Most of all, I'm grateful for my neighbors, the ones who have become close friends, the ones I'd like to get to know better, and the one who is like family (and wait! the one who IS family!).

Rather than meeting my out of town friend at a coffee shop, I made coffee and whole-wheat apple spice muffins and we met at my house to plan our outing. She offered to take me out to lunch afterwards, but instead we shared some delicious split pea and ham soup with toast and butter. Frugality maintained and new friendship strengthened.

After she left, I finished knitting a baby sweater as a shower present, then made a hat to match, while UFF Dad read an Agatha Christie Miss Marple mystery out loud. I'm a lucky woman.

However…frugal fail! We were invited over to one of the close friend neighbors for wine in the evening. Since these generous friends host us often, it felt necessary to take some treats. UFF Dad went out and bought a bottle of (inexpensive) wine and some good chocolate to share at our corner natural food store (can you believe we have one of these? Very, very, lucky). I think that was reasonable. However, we ended up drinking their (already opened, better) wine and leaving the bottle we brought with them, which I feel a little guilty about...

Money spent: $9 (wine and chocolate)

How about you??

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