Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 20, 2017

Today was quite a day.

As far as my frugal dilemma went, I had resolved to go along to the pub to knit and socialize, but not order a drink. I know my own all-or-nothing tendencies, and I'm not proud of them. If I have one piece of chocolate, more will follow. If I'm not training for a marathon, why bother with a three mile run? It's something I struggle with and probably will continue to do so (although I hope it gets easier as I grow older and wiser, at least about my own nature). So I didn't want to open the gates of non-essential spending.

As it turned out, the entire point was moot, as my boss declared that she was going to buy her hard-working team a cocktail. I gratefully accepted and left it at that. I also finished my pink hat.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, UFF Dad and UFF Son went to the discount grocery store with my rapidly scribbled list and a request to stay under $100. Grateful to them too, though if my list had been clearer there would have been a couple of items added and a couple removed.

Money spent $96.00- groceries (& a few household items), $11.00 for prescription meds

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