Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 28, 2017

UFF Saturday Entertainment

We live excited lives around here, the Ultra Frugal Family…(Just kidding! But you knew that already). Seriously, frugal family fun and recreation has been our normal way for quite a while. Being homebodies definitely makes it easier.

Here was our frugal fun for the day:

  • Jogging--for UFF Mom. I love that running is an activity which requires very little in the way of gear. A good pair of shoes and a sturdy running bra if you're a woman are about the only requirements. UFF Dog and I went out for a nice long (9 mile) slow run today while UFF Dad was working at his desk. A bonus was listening to music, which helps me go farther.
  • A reading date, for UFF Dad and Mom. We had talked about a coffee date, with a coffee card he won, but opted instead for a couch date (we are thrilling that way). I made popcorn and chocolate pudding.  I might have added a little glass of whiskey for myself. We are currently reading out loud The Body in the Library, our third Agatha Christie novel. Usually, UFF Dad reads while I knit, but he's still recovering from laryngitis, so we switched it up. This very cozy date resulted in our both falling asleep and taking a mini-nap (any parents reading who know that falling-asleep-while-reading feeling?).
Money spent: $0

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